Twitter Users Mourn Marilyn Manson

11 thoughts on “Twitter Users Mourn Marilyn Manson”

  1. Dumb Shits

  2. Have some respect, he was a good musician.

  3. Bernadine Dorn(D) and William Ayers(D) and many of the Weather Underground were friends of Manson. The Actually the Weather Ground also had certain friends in The Party(D). Just say’n.

    I thought the first blow back would be an effort to bring Roman Polanski(D) back with out risk of prosecution for raping a 13 year old.

    Interesting times.

  4. Where’s the swastika between Charlie’s eyes? That’s how I kept ’em straight.

  5. Did you notice that the one idiot up there whose political affiliation we can positively determine is an (R)? Just wonder’n’

  6. Good luck trying to make the sexual harassment stuff a hassle on dems from inside the glass house

  7. @Shutup Reps
    I quite agree.

  8. Somewhat true as Marilyn Manson is a combination of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson.

  9. The best fan is dumb as bread and pays for it.

  10. To bad he didn’t get Marilyn’s good looks.

  11. A couple of those tweets may referring to the actual Charles Manson who was also a musician, you know, aside from being a murderous nutcase. Guns’N’Roses actually recorded one of his songs.

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