Awkward Album Covers of 1970s European Bands

Satin outfits, stylish beards, blocky fonts and some of the most repulsive fashion ever, it’s all here and more, designed to make your eyes bleed. Collected by Herr Dryck.

6 thoughts on “Awkward Album Covers of 1970s European Bands”

  1. Wow…. Well, one has to keep in mnd that most of those are from the north. And they have nothing else to do in the winter. It’s dark and cold there. Lot’s of alcohol involved.

  2. Well… That’s why we never tell anyone we’re from Sweden when travelling… ;-)
    But that ‘Running Bear’ cover was actuelly OK when it came!

  3. So I looked up some of these acts on youtube. Good god they were all awful–and not like funny-awful. It literally made me sad. And believe it or not, the Wenchin album–the one with the cartoon guy on the horse blowing flames (or whatever out of his nose) was the best/least terrible. I’m gonna go jump off a bridge now.

  4. 90% of these are from Norway and Sweden. Rest are Geemany and other weird countries.

    You could never find an awkward danish album. Danes got so much style and coolness. Like a cat.

    Cats > Denmark > Rest of Scandinavia

  5. Uffff

  6. This man is awesome !!!

    https: //

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