Hilariously Ugly Vintage Bridesmaids Dresses That Show How Much Fashion Has Changed



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  1. Oh, wow. It could be said that it was just the fashion of the times, but in more than half of these pictures, the bride’s dress is notably prettier! I am pretty sure these ladies knew they were in ugly dresses! (The chiffon ones in the second pic, though, I actually like, lol)

  2. Most of them are actually nice

  3. When America was great. This is the style a good white, christian, chauvinist Trump voter loves. MAGA.

    • Troll Quality Inspector #9 August 5, 2018

      What an absolutely lame troll. You make it look like America could use a little greatness in trolling. Get off the internet.

    • Look, a digital russian agent attacking a freethinking member ofthe society.
      Comrade, go home. Lick Putin’s boot.

    • “freethinking” = mindless obedience to democrats.

      I love the digital Russian agent angle of your retort. It’s still funny the 674,294th time I’ve seen it.

    • Haha myself, what makes you think I’m a democrat? Trump is not the republican party. Not yet.
      The question is how long will he be the president now that he admitted to his crime? Getting dirty information about other candidates from foreigners is against the law. A criminal in the White House!

  4. Oy, Mein Gott! In comparing these pics to ones more recently shown on EatLiver it appears that humankind is devolving. These pics, while a little goofy are way better than most of the “modern” style foisted on us by deranged designers. Just saying.

  5. Facts You Didnt Knew You Wanted August 6, 2018

    Last picture. The man standing second from the right. With the cool gel haircut and huge butterfly. That man is Albert Hairstein. And the man who married them all? Elon Musk.

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