Stop The Government From Tracking Your Car!

Stop the government from tracking your car: Remove the RFID chip from the factory by snipping off this tube!

18 thoughts on “Stop The Government From Tracking Your Car!”

  1. Solid advice, Thanks.

  2. Should this be done all 4 tyres or is it enough to just do it on one tyre?

  3. Do not cut replace

  4. al of course, you never know which one has the tracking device!

  5. Don’t forget the spare….

  6. I did it yesterday with all 4 tires. Opened up one of those tubes and found a metallic RFID chip inside.

    It’s safe it won’t deflate your tires because they have a double valve protection. Good advice, pro security tip. The RFID readers are embedded in the road mostly at crossings. They are employing it worldwide not just USA

  7. It’s in your gasoline tank too, you must pour sand into it.

  8. They are in all tires of all brands. The chips cost nothing to manufacture. RFID is passive technology. Each chip / tire has their own serial number. Share this info on Twitter and Facebook please. Stop the government

  9. Be sure and drill a hole in your oil filter. Small one. Right in the center where the RFID chip is! They luttin em on all oil filters now!

  10. I did this on all 4 of my wheels and spare. Shit is real….all of them had tracking devices in there! These sunsofbeotches!

  11. Guys be sure and cut real close to the rim. To be most effective it’s best if its flush with the rim.

  12. Did not know how bad things are getting. Gonna get these trackers cut out first thing tomorrow morning before heading to work! Cant believe they getting away with tracking our every move!

  13. WE GOTTA get a FaCt ChEcK on thiS!!!!

  14. Cant tell if this is a joke or not lmao

  15. i agree.. i so confuzzled

  16. They are now used in the bottoms of cupholders. They sense if alcohol is in the cup or bottle. I quit using mine so I can still drink and drive.

  17. Can I please speak to the manager, site owner?

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