Republicans On Climate Change


If we're sinking why are we hundreds of feet up in the air?


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  1. Democrats are the ones under water with their climate “scientists” who can’t even predict the weather for next week who told them not to worry as all the icebergs have melted. ps. Latest news has it that ice is growing rather than shrinking. oops!

    • You can’t distinguish between weather and climate. You have no troll power here.
      And the ice in your fridge is not an indicator for gloabal climate.

    • If you can use current weather state to support man-caused climate change, then it is climate. If the current weather would not support it, then it is just weather.

    • You don’t use the current weather state to support man-made climate change. Current weather is a result of man-made climate change. Take your fake logic, go home and watch Fox.

    • @ The 2 Anons: Then why do you climate “experts” keep telling us that it is the cause of the California drought? Isn’t that weather?

    • Weather caused by climate change in a nutshell.
      For determining climate you have to analyse weather conditions over a longer period of decades, better centuries and so on. Not just the weather of the actual season. As we know a politicians mind can only reach back as far as to the last donation a lobbyist made.
      Even with global warming you may have a very cold winter from time to time. Ironically “global warming” can also cause some few regions to become colder, or cause more snow due to more water evaporation in the warmer regions. So it’s called “climate change” today. But those a small local phenomena.
      Back to the cold winter from time to time. Climate isn’t just a straight curve. It’s many curves or waves interweaving each other. Amplifying and deleting each other. So you don’t get a straight line.
      But if you analyse long-term gathered data you can interpolate a trend. And all scientific proven methods show the same. Since industrialisation this trend is going up… rapidly. Nonlinear, getting faster and faster. The problem is that the rising temperatures on the globe cause processes that will even boost this trend. That brings us closer to a point where the whole system would spiral out of control. After that it might take thousands or millions of years until the planet is able to establish a stable climate system again. But it would be another planet by then. And we will be most likely gone for a long time.

    • Truthgiver March 30, 2019

      That were to many facts. Dopes died of an apoplectic seizure.

  2. Common Sense Sez March 26, 2019

    What does the sinking of the German torpedoed Lusitania have to do with climate change or Republicans?

    • The Good German March 26, 2019

      I’m pretty sure your mother is responsible for this displacement of the ship. She forced your father to reanact the Titanic scene on the bow of the ship.

    • It is supposed to be the Titanic but I believe that 3rd stack and is smoking in the meme was actually not working and was there for symmetry. It MIGHT have been the 4th stack but I am currently too lazy to look that up

    • @(Lack of) Common Sense, the analogy is in criminal neglect of responsibility for the safety of the passengers by not taking measures to avoid looming problems despite warnings. The captain of the Titanic was asleep, the captain of the GOP “avoids” the iceberg by calling it fake.

  3. You're part of the problem March 26, 2019

    Is this really what it’s come to? There’s no humor in that, good luck with eliminating air travel, rebuilding every structure in the nation and preventing cows from passing gas. Let’s not forget about plastic, and everything, I mean literally everything that you use on a daily basis that has in some way shape or form been made or transported via oil & gas.

  4. Starshemah March 26, 2019

    The angry comments to this show nobody has a sense of humor.

    And angry retorts to my comment about angry comments in 3,2,1….

  5. and democrats built the unsinkable ship… replace paper bags with plastic.. replace lightbulbs with CFLs…plastic in the oceans.. mercury in the bulbs… oh, hey, .. how about the carbon footprint of that electric car… and now you are following Gore and handing him cash over data that has been tampered with sooooo many times. In the 70’s we were gonna freeze…

  6. The world is gonna end in 12 years. You need to give money to globalists to prevent that.

  7. None of Al Gore’s apocalyptic predictions came true but he sure made a boat load of money. Maybe AOC recognized this and it motivated her to produce her own planet saving craziness.

  8. Man Bear Pig March 29, 2019

    Michael Crichton would NOT have made a much better movie.

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