People Who Are Having Worse Day Than You

10 thoughts on “People Who Are Having Worse Day Than You”

  1. I’ve had a hard day today but watching this I feel better now

  2. i bet the cat tripped her.

  3. Behind every tragedy there’s usually a cat.

  4. I bet she saw the cat, tried to avoid it. then the cat rubbed against her then she tripped on the cat
    you gotta add some backstory. even if its as lame as i just wrote

  5. Oh my gosh…
    It was about to be a terrible morning, but now it seems it could be worse :D

  6. the case with cola can is horrendous, as well as the frantic accident at the urinal

  7. naaaa. The Cola accident is easily fixed with an old fashioned can opener.

  8. 90 degrees day? Funny mistake :D That’s nearly the temperature of boiling water…

  9. 90 °K is -183 °C. Nowhere near to boiling water.

  10. I’ve dropped chili on the floor. It does explode. Walk away and borrow the neighbor’s dog.

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