Real Estate Listing Cheat Sheet


8 thoughts on “Real Estate Listing Cheat Sheet”

  1. I’m actually OK with this.
    Quite like the idea of a ‘bonus room too…

  2. We got a lot of them kinds of houses all up and down the holler. Top priced too.

  3. Rustic = Leans to one side.
    EZ commute = Under a freeway overpass.

  4. E Zed commute? I don’t understand

  5. world card master:
    1.Suddenly die.
    2.Upset:animy is coming.
    3.You are wasting time.
    4.Like grass between stones.
    5.There is no secret.
    6.Do=do nothing?
    7.Certainly in the middle road.
    8.World left you and you shake .
    9.God bless us.
    10.Yes we win!
    11.How can i explain this?

  6. Fire walk with me

  7. Some Real Estate ad venues charge by the letter. It costs twice as much to say easy as it does to say EZ. Leading to gems like “2 bd 2 ba BHPO”.

  8. Crackhouse next door

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