Here’s a Question About Female CEO Quotas


In a world where gender quotas rule the hiring process, you may find yourself working alongside a woman who can bend spoons with her mind, but struggles to understand Microsoft Excel. Or perhaps you’ll work with a man who can deflect bullets with a fork, but can’t seem to figure out the office printer. But don’t worry, we’re still hitting our quota and making the world a more diverse and equal place, one hiring mistake at a time. Seriously, though, we’re just trolling here so you could start a fight in the comment section below.

There are only 37 female CEOs in top 500 companies. So in order to have more, we need female quotas. So you're saying women can't achieve that on their own?


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  1. So how triggered everyone feels?

  2. We just need more male CEOs identifying as female

    • How many hours a day does one worry about another’s gender identity.

    • ermahgerd. Haven’t you heard? They’re taken over the country!

      Quick, Alert the bathroom police!

      That’s what we need now. More bureaucracy. Isn’t it great…?

  3. Quota would be a certain percentage of one company or college etc.

    There could never be a quota shared by 500 companies. “YOU hire the minority!” … “No, YOU hire a minority…”

    They tried to have a kind of quota in the NFL, but with so many different owners, they didn’t have a good way to do it. Now each team interviews a token black candidate, before they hire a white guy.

  4. Translation February 7, 2023

    “So your saying that lots of men won’t even consider interviewing a woman unless they have too?”

  5. Women need to get hired for more middle and upper management positions before they will be considered for CEO. That might be a better place to focus on. ( and it would be easy to know how large companies are doing. )

    I work for a female CEO. She’s awesome.

  6. Buzz Lightminute February 7, 2023

    Having had both male and female supervisors I preferred the females. It’s because the men didn’t listen to us who actually had the knowledge of the job. The men thought the knew everything that was necessary to get the job done because of their title not because of the actual knowledge. The women let us do the job the way we knew how to.

    • That was your experience, mine was of a new group of supervisors and the three women who were my supervisors knew nothing about my job, but proceeded to ask me to do things not even remotely related to my job, then wondered why what I do wasn’t getting done.

    • Incompetence is a matter of education, not gender. I’ve seen a lot of incompetent men in my worklife so far. Same as women.

  7. Women can’t achive it by their own if certain men block their every move. The question is stupid. He’s an idiot.

    • Symphony of Destruction February 7, 2023

      Who are those “men”? Haven’t seen anyone matching your description and I have seen shitload of men (and other people) in my life. Might be just me, floating in intelligent people circles and such, of course.

    • Yes, it’s you.

  8. There is so much truth in this it hurts

  9. Just replase all CEOs with genderless AIs, problem solved. 💻

    • I’m sorry Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

    • Problem is the programmers are biased too. That results in biased AIs. Already studies about around. Don’t forget many guys in IT are also incels.

  10. Sounds like excuses for being unable to preform well enough to advance. I didn’t get the job because of my sex, color, life hardships etc.. stop whining and work harder. It will get you where you want to be.

    • I don’t care if you whine and you are not allowed to work. I won’t give you a job even if you are more qualified. But the guy I’ll hire is more like me. How will this get you where you want to be, idiot?

  11. As a disabled person of color I think the poster was correct. Stop all the whining about sex, race etc.. work hard you will succeed

  12. its just balancing karma February 10, 2023

    We kill a female’s job for every fetus they kill.

    • Then let’s kill a male job for each and every safe and butt sx, pullout, WJ, BJ and other wasted manjuice. Bible says it’s a sin. Women should be able to sue men for the lost baby they never got pregnant with and the DAs should prosecute men for it. It’s just fair.

    • Imagine the dystopian hell these people want to create with sh&@ like this. Just look at Canadas treatment of Pastor Arthur Pawlowski. The world is watching Canadas slide into fascism in real time.

  13. The 15th amendment was a mistake

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