When Feminist Logic Backfires…


When feminist logic backfires...


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  1. If you disagree with me your a white supremist ...Bob August 10, 2019

    Quota->Affirmative Action->Diversity
    The term has evolved over the years, your meme is so 5 minutes ago and now considered racist, I mean white supremacist.

    • straight talker August 12, 2019

      Man this guy is hurtin’; did someone steal his pillow case?

      Must be difficult being a dedicated bigot nowadays. On minute being criticised for being a racist the next for being a misogynist… and being stupid enough to confuse the two.

    • It was way to easy for many men in history. Time for the brainers to take over.

  2. No. Jordan Peterson and others have explained this many times. Men’s intelligence is more spread to the extremes, while women’s is centered around the average. There are more men in the bottom and top 5%, the idiots and the geniuses, the homeless and the billionaires, than women. Women leave men sort themselves in hierarchies and then chose from the top. That’s what he would say.

    • You need to go out more often

    • Yes, I need to go out more. But it’s too hot these days… What I really need is to stop biting on flame-bait on the Net. Nothing good ever comes out of it, for everyone involved.

  3. No, much more simple. Women are not allowed to achieve this.

    • Yes, by biology. And also by common sense.

    • No, by men like you. And against common sense.

    • Thank you, Anonymous. There is not any more to add to this.

    • Yes, Dat, we evil men took shifts to guard the university gates and not allow women in. And later we took over HR departments, and never hired women for managerial positions. And we spit on our own economic self interest and did not promote capable women up. And that went everywhere – there was not a single company that was willing to promote on merit and regardless of sex.

    • We evil men actually did all that for a long, long time, Jack.

    • The correct reply: Having a woman ceo is a waste of a good woman, who should be a good wife and mother in a proper family. And why would anyone want to be a ceo anyway?

    • Did you, personally, do that? Because, it is against the law in the West. Kathy Newman does not live in Saudi Arabia or Victorian England, she speaks about the West today. You can’t guilt me for what was done in the past. 99% of men were non-persons for a “long, long time” too. Until the West came up with the idea that all individuals, not just the hereditary nobility, have value by themselves and inalenable rights. If Newman was a poor oppressed baron’s wife and Petersen was an evil patriarchal tenant farmer in the barony, who of the 2 lived in luxury and held the power to destroy the other at a whim?

    • @Dat, my “No, by men like you. And against common sense” was a reply to Kakloo’s comment.

    • Since women have in fact achieved this your entire premise is flawed.

    • @Kakloo Welcome to the 21 century. Your ancient abrahamitic vision of a perfect housewife has come to an end. Before the roman-christian hordes invaded our lands women had far more rights and power. They want it back. I’m willing to give it back to them.
      @Jack I don’t think anyone guilds you for the doings of your forefathers. But it is to you to do it better.
      @Anonymous I know. Your reply was most adequate.

    • GetWokeGoBroke August 12, 2019

      What are “woke” ***** doing on a comedy site? Ran out of things to be offended about, so you’re drumming up new ones?

    • GetWokeGOBroke August 12, 2019

      Let the butthurt begin. I can smell the soy from here.

    • Did you know that soy is higly allergenic? Not as healthy as many people think.

    • GetWokeGOBroke August 13, 2019

      So is being a pu**y. Fake recreational outrage and wokeness means you spend the majority of your time looking for things to whine and complain about, because you want to be special without doing anything worthy of being special.

      Meanwhile, your politically correctness has pushed the right further right, the left toward the center, and the centrists toward the right. Which is why Trump, Johnson, Brexit and all of these conservative agenda’s keep happening.

      You’re your own worst enemies, and it’s absolutely delicious.

    • Dat, you, like so many these days, lay the sins of the fathers on the sons. Just because ancestors did it does not mean we are still “evil men”. Wake up and smell what you’re shoveling.

    • BigR, you, like so many these days, are challenged by comprehensive reading. I don’t blame the sons. I invite them to do better.
      The overly defensive positions of many shows that we are not there yet.

    • Read your own garbage, Dat. “We evil men actually did all that for a long, long time, Jack.”

  4. I bet she can’t even make a good sandwich.

  5. Must-B-nicE August 11, 2019

    hmmm… two rich white people arguing about first world problems of the very wealthy… funny 🤣

  6. But what percentage of CEOs are cats???

  7. Loose the Dogs of War August 11, 2019

    Well, it sure ain’t Cat Man.

  8. No point in having a glass ceiling if there are no women wearing dresses to look up.

  9. i cant help but notice that none of these people demand gender equality when it comes to registration for selective service

    • Before you ask for obligations you have to grant rights. Or are you a communist?

    • Females are drafted in Israel.

    • And North Korea.

    • German Machine Gun August 12, 2019

      Disturbingly the women in the NK military are just living sex dolls for the officers. That country is so sick.

    • North Korea, the country where everybody loves the president and kisses his ass; Trump’s wet dream.

    • @Anon Obama didn’t have to dream it, as many were lining up on their own to do it.

    • Obama surrounded himself with people willing to contradict him, even including four republican ministers, while Trump surrounds himself with sycophants of the dumber kind.

    • Anothernymous August 14, 2019

      He won’t understand. He lives in the same bubble like his beloved leader.

  10. if you create your own business, the ceilings belong to you, glass or otherwise…

  11. Just keep making the sandwiches for now ladies.

  12. Wow – a SANE meme on your website? Which basement-dwelling, onesie-wearing ADULT child with a GENDER STUDIES degree web-editor allowed this through? This ‘interview’ (which always consist of: the liberal gets to shout LOADED questions at their conservative & intellectually-superior [but i repeat myself] guests) was a thing of beauty as Jordan calmly SHREDDED this propaganda artist. Annoy a conservative – LIE to them. Annoy a liberal snowflake – present the emotional toddlers with FACTS. Works every time.

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