Question of the Year

21 thoughts on “Question of the Year”

  1. Why dog? What about cats? Or ferrets?

  2. Do you put your arms in your pants?

  3. Cats aren’t civilized enough to wear pants.

  4. Dogs have arms? o.O?

  5. No, the second one, because if dog wore pants, then dog can wear shirts, but then where would the neck hole be on the shirt? Surely dog didn’t squeeze his large head through an arm (or in this case a front leg) hole, so, using the power of common sense, if dog was to wear a shirt at well, then he would have to wear the pants the second way.

  6. as*

  7. @Test1:
    Who said anything about dogs? It is a simple question: “Do you put your arms in your pants? “

  8. Is it winter or summer?

  9. Definitely #2, as #1 doesn’t cover the ass.

  10. What does that have to do with it?

  11. I prefer #1 as I like things that are horizontal, and yo yo dog, why yo pants be hanging down round yer ankles?

  12. I keep my Smith & Wesson in my pants…

  13. Before we worry about the dogs, there are people at WalMart that need to wear pants.

  14. Uh, wearing pants in #1 style will leave the dog with a raw, irritated place just under it’s tail. Dog won’t put up with it. Joe Bob points out that dogs got no hands. How’s it gonna schook the pants down to do it’s business?

  15. My dog just chills in a fur jacket

  16. Why would a dog need pants? Why does ANYTHING need pants?

  17. Because science.

  18. *outraged cat T-shirt*

  19. Cats are too civilized to wear pants.

  20. Where’s Nikki?

  21. No sane dog opts for a belt half way up it’s butt !

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