Putin Logic

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  1. Not funny ’cause it’s true.
    Actually Russia is already threatening Europe. Russia and it’s oligarchs, friends of Putin, are massivly funding european nazi-parties in several countries and anti-EU-movements.

  2. Funding you say?
    NAZI = National Socialist Workers Party.

  3. Yes, they are funding individual nationalist parties in individual EU countries. Those individual nationalistic parties are working together to unmake the EU from within their individual countries.
    It’s obvious who is the only one who would gain an advantage from that: Russia.

  4. Spot on!

  5. Hello, Russian troll. I was expecting you :D

  6. Didn’t the Russians bomb Afghanistan first? Lol, fail.

  7. Well, yeah, it looks like this in certain parts of the US of A for sure.

  8. There is something missing.
    Yes, Russia wouldn’t be able to threat Europe anymore, America would still be able to threat Russia with their Rockets. That would destroy the balance….

  9. Um, well, yeah. When I think about one overly nationalistic nation on this planet, then all of a sudden the USA spring to mind. They for sure aren’t the only ones, though.
    And, by the way, the nationalistic party in the Ukraine is well connected and sponsored by the EU.
    Generally speaking, nationalism seems to be en vogue right now.

  10. Why is he a troll? Because he linked a picture that shows that Russia bombed almost the entire world since WW2? Oh, did I write “Russia”? Meant to write “USA”.

  11. And, by the way, in the USA it’s oligarchs who run the entire country, including the political system. Glass house and stones comes to mind.

  12. The thing is to take out icbms you really want to get them befiore they go into orbit, like as soon after launch as possible. There are several reasons why that is a good thing, one of wich is the plutonium falls on the launcher’s own country. So NATO placing these interceptors as close as they can to Russia threatens Russia’s short range nuclear missiles, ones that do threaten Europe – so you can see why Russia isn’t pleased. But in 2001, Pravda reported that Russia had placed Oak tactical nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba. So little has changed for the world, save for maybe it’s a more dangerous place than ever before.

  13. We all know Trump is a fanboy of Putin too. So it fits.

  14. Cmon, that’s dumb and false and you know it. The only thing Russia threatens is the European bankers control of the world. Hence this kind of anti- Russian propaganda, and hemming them in with things like missile ‘defense’.

  15. Luckily, the Russia/China coalition will be able to successfully stop the axis USA/Israel and end ww3.

  16. Curious, the other time I was told american bankers control the world. Before that it was jewish bankers. I don’t know if I want Putin and his banker friends control the world in the end.
    Russia is not a stable country. It’s not a democracy it’s a kleptokracy. You’ll never know when it will go unstable. In that case it’s good the defense system is surrounding them. They were invited to NATO membership many years ago but were afraid everyone could see their tiny thingies. If you keep threatening and harrassing your neighbours they will build a fence around your yard. They had it coming.

  17. how can you make such a list?
    We’re not DONE yet!

  18. Absolutely. But one wouldn’t see this, if he or she was brought up with a lot of propaganda.

  19. And the best thing about it for the USA would be that they could carry out the first strike without any fear of being hit themselves.
    In this scenario a guy like George W. Bush or even worse, Donald Trump, might get carried away by megalomania.

  20. Godwin in the very first comment. Well done, internet.

  21. Stop … this … american … propaganda …

  22. I’m not sure if Godwin’s Law applies on EATLIVER. The nazi reference is essential. Yet it doesn’t chance the facts.

  23. this comic is right though.
    ussr/nato had agreement to keep their military capacity on par so neither would make th first strike.
    While Russian claims are overexaggerated to fuel their corrupted miltiary industry, techically a missile shield does prevent russia from first strike capabilities and would allow nato to considerably damage or destroy them, if nato chose to attack.
    Frankly the reality is that NAto countries are too prosperous to be interested in wars, so Russia is the only prospect aggressor, but behaves like a victim. It is a political game, since NATO is fully aware of russian pretentious behavior, despite what nato countries and media tell people, same as russian government is fully aware US soldiers in Eastern europe, for example Latvia, are a political detergant. One US soldier dies here and Russia may face US attack irregardless of what happens to the troops in East.Europe.

  24. I foresee China will use Russia for their own good.
    Let’s face it – China is already a stronger country.
    They will use Russian political attempts and eventually overtake russian sphere of influence.
    It is hard to imagine a scenario, that Russia could influence China like USSR did (before ussr-china border conflict). China is no more a poor idealistic ideas rules state that adopted communism. China is a very powerful centralised socialist-capitlist state.

  25. Obama sure had bombed a lot of countries for a Nobel Peace Prize awardee.

  26. Stop, stop, STOP! Wait a minute. Are we talking about “Putin Logic”, so talking about the russian czar, or are we talking about “put in logic”, meaning we should give all this a bit of logic?

  27. …aaand i skipped all that political mumbo jumbo to write my comment…

  28. Cats > Politics

  29. LOL. Really? What USA would say if Cuba or Mexica or Canada had military bases of Russia? I’m sick of all these double standards… All the last years NATO expanded to the Russia’a borders and not vice versa!

  30. *defense

  31. “missile defense shield”, which, basically, means … circling the russian border with mid-range missiles¬†able to reach Moscow. Yeah, “defense” is the correct word. Definitively.
    Just recall how elated the USA were when the USSR decided to put a “missile defense shield” in Cuba ;).

  32. And now we’re in 2022 and look what we got. And look at all the Putin trolls up there.

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