Pure Nightmare Fuel: Creepy Playdough Portraits


Artist Tomba Lobos mixes skin coloured playdough sculptures and photography. The results are simply terrifying.


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  1. Damn… art is confusing…

  2. PatronasKitty7 April 30, 2016

    I would be okay with this if they didn’t show eyeballs.

  3. I like to eat play dough.

  4. This is what your sons and daugthers will look like after you voted Drumpf for president.
    Oh, wait. You are not allowed to vote your president. You are only allowed to vote electors.

    • The Donald May 1, 2016

      No more defense welfare for yurps.

    • So sending us your war refugees is welfare?

    • Just got message of your plan to poison Europe with your genetic mutated food. Too bad it’s out in the public now.

  5. There was a Hilary Clinton ad at the end and I swear I thought it was another entry.

  6. Looks like the dude from Hannibal.

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