It Started With a Kiss…


How it started vs. how it's going. The puppy looks adorably pissed.


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  1. Raul L. Ortiz February 4, 2022

    Exactly! Even if you are a chunk howl at the sky, eat dog food and lick your unmentionables no border should be able to hamper your prospects for romance.

  2. Where are all the Canadian political trolls today? Is no one going to ask if that’s Justin Trudeau’s puppy?

    • The Supreme Hoser February 5, 2022

      They are at the truckers protest in Ottawa trying to get autographs from their heroes.

    • It could be worse, at least he's not Jacinda Ardern February 5, 2022

      @The Supreme Hoser
      It looks like the fall of the Justin government is in progress. If I were in the area I would attend. Countries from around the world are emulating the truckers strike.

    • Only in France. But protests are a tradition there. No matter the reason why. And they also have very active fascist neo-nazi parties there. They always welcome chaos and organize the protests. Like in many other countries. If you see antivaxxer protests the nazis are among them. Mostly at the front of the march.

    • It’s true. The Left always does that to undermine the point of the protests. It’s an old communist tactic. They used it so many times like they use racist. Now the word is meaningless. If Trudeau can’t stand up and debate his failed policies, which he can’t, then he’s wrong. That’s just how logic works.

    • Inciting protests in the West is an old Sowjet tactic. Russians still doing it. Funding western neonazis and conservatists to break up free society. Divide and conquer.
      Anyways. Normal people are fed up with all those protests of antivaxxers and fake freedom fighters. Resistence against the fascist, antimask, antivax terror is on the rise.

    • The Russian boogie man. Haha. That’s not going to work either. China is the boogie man. Just ask the people who live in the country of Taiwan.

    • Bet that post won’t be up long. You can anything you want about Russia but mention China.. poof

    • China likes to show itself as a strong dragon and would like to conquer the world. But in reality it’s fragile on the inside. They have to work hard to control and oppress their own people to keep in control. History showed too often the dragon is just a lizard always afraid to lose its tail.

    • Winnie "Xi" Pooh doesn't like to hear... February 6, 2022

      Taiwan is the Republic of China and a souvereign state.
      Tian’anmen happened.
      Uyghurs in concentration camps and genocide in Xinjiang.
      Freedom for Hong Kong.
      Freedom for Tibet.
      Peng Shuai and #metoo – CCP must be full of sexual predators.
      Building fake islands in international waters do not expand your legit territory.
      “Zero covid” is a stupid narrative.
      … pretty sure there is more.

  3. People who support Trudeau’s gutless response to the truckers are frightened that
    the easy Covid financial benefits may end soon.

    • No, they are just pissed of by all that antivaxx stupidity and interuptions to their lives. People support neccessary covid restrictions and are fed up with the antivaxx terror. There is no support for those loons. Not in Canada, not in Europe, not in the USA.

  4. It’s been a week now. Where is this cowardly little marxist?

  5. Most peaceful protest I’ve even seen. Stop fibbing.

  6. Fires and assassination attempts? Think you have The Freedom protesters confused with Antifi and Burn, Loot, Murder rioters. Or did you just conveniently forget those “ mostly peaceful” riots. There are live feeds pouring into other countries so even though Canadian news is all redacted and BS the world sees the truth. You would do well to remember that. Propaganda doesn’t work in this day and age. Unless you live in a closed system, like Canada.

  7. ~CharCharRealSmooth~ February 12, 2022

    This is so cutee

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