Hilariously Misbehaving Pugs



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  1. vidalia poopnoodle August 24, 2016

    too cute!

  2. It's a jeep thing.... August 24, 2016

    I laughed the whole way through!

  3. Dogshaming is the best form of shaming.
    Cats > Dogs.

  4. Cats > Dogs > Roaches > Parasitic nematodes > Pugs

  5. sign for the owners:
    I like a dog breed, which produced degenerated and ugly specimen.
    And I’m masochistic enough to share it in pictures on the Internet.

    • I saw this show on pugs once, they were initially bred to be chinese guard dogs (in ancient China). The wrinkled forehead was meant to have the shape of a character in Chinese, Guard of Defend or something. Then since bred to small, stupid, ugly, funny, harmless dogs.

  6. I agree with Meh! Damn stupid, hyper, yapping breed!!!

  7. So this begs the question… Who is stupider, the pugs, or the pug owners?

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