Pugs Are The Funniest Dogs

13 thoughts on “Pugs Are The Funniest Dogs”

  1. Nope, they are not. Their owners are *******.

  2. They are so ugly but at the same time incredibly adorable !!!

  3. I’ve heard EUro saying the same thing about Americans.

  4. No, I was talking about the dogs. Soon all americans will have to look like Donald Drumpf.

  5. Most loving & loyal companions: their company is preferable to 99% of the human population.

  6. I’m with the other 1%.

  7. As an American, I feel incredibly offended. (But a small – sorry, large – part of me thinks that this is true.)

  8. I hate every single one of you.

  9. @PatronasKitty7
    There is hope for you.
    @A Trump Supporter
    You’ll be one of those named on The Great Memory Stones of the Earth blamed for the downfall of humanity.

  10. Priceless fur- babies to put up with these shenanigans! I heart “puggles”!

  11. Puggles are so cute

  12. I ❤️ Pugs so much!!!

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