Hilarious Profile Picture Parodies

Tumblr user Jarrod Allen is recreating profile pictures of women he comes across on Tinder App

11 thoughts on “Hilarious Profile Picture Parodies”

  1. Is this cave man funny?

  2. yes he is

  3. Do you have eyes?

  4. Idle minds are the Devil’s tools. In all these pictures they all have too much time on their minds and hands. Fertile fields for the Devil.

  5. I like your pictures you put on here

  6. Nope

  7. And yet you still scrolled through them…your mind is just as idle…step off and enjoy life, you only get one…

  8. He’s cute and funny

  9. This is a very funny individual. He is a winner.

  10. Im sooo offended that my profile picture was used and copied. and he looks more sexy than me. what gives.

  11. They arent big enough.

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