Comedian Creates Hilarious Fake Products And Places Them In Local Stores

Comedian Jeff Wysaski creates brilliant product parodies and places them in local stores. Why? For the lulz, of course.

9 thoughts on “Comedian Creates Hilarious Fake Products And Places Them In Local Stores”

  1. Wow!
    I’m pretty sure few of these “products” could propably sell quite well in US…

  2. With the right marketing Americans would buy their own poo for dinner. They also voted Trump.

  3. Obvious Plant™ attribution needed.

  4. There’s a link yo obvious plant at the beginning of this post, you imbecile.

  5. If it was real USA people meat, it would be like 70% fat.

  6. He is Groot!

  7. And before they voted for Obama, so yeah, they will buy anything with the right marketing.

  8. I like these. I also like the descriptive text on the items. I guess all posts don’t need cats to be somewhat funny.

    – CatMan

    PS Just Kidding! Cats > Lulz Products

  9. Voting for Obama was a whole lot smarter than voting for Trump.

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