Did You Just Assume My Make And Model? How Dare You!

7 thoughts on “Did You Just Assume My Make And Model? How Dare You!”

  1. Leftists; this is parody of how you xhers avoid science. I figured someone has to explain this to you so you’d get it.

  2. How does the fact that some men (women) identify as women (men) avoid science? It absolutely does not, it only clashes with your opinion.

  3. After four days you have relegated my comments to the place where all socially meaningful comments go.

  4. More likely, the comments were removed because they tried to associate harmless people with crimes they do not commit.

  5. Roman Polanski jumped bail after pleading guilty. Yep, sounds innocent. I seriously thought about being even harsher to your views.

  6. As far as I know, gender identification issues do not cause patients (for lack of a better word) to abuse.

  7. I identify as a millionaire playboy.

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