Orthodox Priests Blessing Stuff

33 thoughts on “Orthodox Priests Blessing Stuff”

  1. MRI Machine photo must be something else – that guy on the left looks like Muslim imam.

  2. Looking at the Class of Police Graduates, They can arrest me anytime!

  3. Is doctor, doctor wear hat like that in Russia

  4. That horse is obviously Atheist…It’s not taking to kindly to the blessing!

  5. blessing orthodox tv station

  6. Religion = WAR….

  7. Muslim imams are not allowed in the same room as an MRI machine?

  8. imams bless suicide vests

  9. I just see bunch of clerics and wizards.

  10. That’s no MRI, that’s a CAT

  11. in the spaceship photo,is that the Stanley Cup he’s holding?

  12. I’ve seen catholic priest blessing septic tanks…

  13. God bless all guns.

  14. At first I wanted to say that those idiot russians have fallen so far behind it’s getting hilarious, but then I realized that not only russia, but the whole range of nations endorsing church have been handed the short stick in the social evolution game.

  15. You see, religion would be much more appealing if all priests would be able to shoot fireballs or at least do basic illusion tricks.
    Now it is like a bunch of crazy men doing something completely stupid.

  16. blessing is no magic act, and it doesnt make the object saint or somewhat superior.
    One bleses a weapon with a hope that it wont be used, but if will, then only to protect.
    As Jesus said – one who takes up a sword, will die by the sword. (Math. 26;52)

  17. Since when did Anyone ever hope not to use a rifle and especially only to protect. Talk some sense. They bless things to justify the evil nature of their crazed existence.

  18. Anyone with normal thinking hopes not to ever use their guns. Just calm down, take a step back and you might see it too.

  19. if most of you guys just think for a second….. you are the ones that have darkness upon your minds…. all your comentaries are full of hate… The priests bless all things arrownd us because through that we hope that the Holly Spirit will be with us….! All what the Orthodox Religion teaches us is good and noone can prove the oposite !!!

  20. most of the comments are made by non-belivers and that for me is realy wrong . Why don’t you guys read something about religion and specialy about Orthodox religion and talk after. This religion never teached people to do bad things……never !!!

  21. They are in Romania…Middle Ages…

  22. More please.
    Dontcha wish the US government would take its work this seriously?

  23. Odd that, then, religious people, even cursorily religious people, live longer than atheists, and are less susceptible to self-destruction – i.e, suicide.
    The soul is naturally seeking God. And if it does not find something greater than itself to worship, it’ll make something. That’s just our nature. Always working for a “cause”.

  24. Ah… that must be why you are anti-gun rights? You think people who buy guns intend to use them to kill?
    I agree arms racing is bad. I’m just saying, arms themselves are not bad. It’s how you use them. Blessing them – asking they be used well – shows that.
    To demonstrate my point: would you say alcohol is good? Yes, but not in all situations. For example, it’s not good to drink if you are an addict. So things can be used well, and they can be used poorly.

  25. He looks like a Zarathustrian priest.

  26. I think The orthodox religions are blessing all the elements on earth. We peple have on only 100 years sucess to distroyd the earth. with all the sin. Greed and all the things we want to pleased us with. TV, stereo, computer…distroyd after 2 years. The mountain of crap growing and growing..the ocions is poison, the sky is poison. The animal shot down with pleasure not for eating. The tiger for example become to disepear and many other too. The rainforest become to destroid and the north pole can the icebear not survive anymore. We have lived on this earth in thousen of years, and management to to this in just a second. The mother nature react with nature katastrofics. And we human dont care…were is my newest phone, like my neuborgh have. We sell weapon to country who is in war, just for money…and to show power. We spend money to go to mars instead to help people in Africa for example. Young kids shoot people in school and on the street. Drugs are flooding. HOPE MAN CIND THINK TWISE before is to late…

  27. OCHE .. google translate much? :))

  28. Pretty sure God is nowhere near all this bollocks. Asinine rituals, worshiping idols, obscene amounts of gaudy decor that they paid for by fleecing their flock… basically everything that God condemned, these people revel in.


  30. I think you are mistaken. That sort of humor belongs on 9gag. Go back there, post lame virginity comments and never return to this place.

  31. I get some of these, but the rifles and the swimming pool? Forget it.

  32. Condemned? Where? (^ꇴ^ ) Totally sure, in actuality, ordained.
    Heb. 9:1 says the First Covenant had ALSO ordinances of divine services. So the New Covenant has ordinances of divine services. If these aren’t it, what are & what is your justification?
    The definition of idol is image of false or heathen god. These images are of Christ & saints. They count as the same; the definition of image is ‘properly, “mirror-like representation,” referring to what is very close in resemblance (like a “high-definition” projection, as defined by the context). Image (1504 /eikṓn) then exactly reflects its source.’ (Bible Hub definition.) Ps. 2:12 says Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and ye perish from the way when His wrath is kindled but a little. How do you propose to otherwise kiss Him?
    ‘Obscene amounts of gaudy decor that they paid for by fleecing their flock’? You have priests confused with ‘Prosperity Gospel’ Protestants. The PEOPLE want their churches beautiful, filled with gold & icons. It’s all dedicated to God, but the people get to appreciate it. They give happily & of free will for that purpose. Churches have been this way from the start. Before that were the Jewish temples, similarly full of gold & images. It’s in Exodus, Kings, Ezekiel… Solomon’s Temple was gaudy & obscene? Oldest church & synagogue in the world, at Dura Europos, both still have icons on their walls. Older still, before church buildings were allowed, Christians held services in the catacombs: icons there too. God has commanded it.

  33. You type how deaf people talk

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