Priceless Advice

6 thoughts on “Priceless Advice”

  1. Great advice until the wife can’t open the marmalade and says “been arguing with the girlfriend again I see?”

  2. But if the jars are closed tight it’s harder for her to make sandwiches?

  3. Very nice- I Laughed . . .

  4. That is spelled, “Sammiches”

  5. I pulled up the handbrake on the girlfriend’s car really high once. We proceeded to have an argument and she left in a huff, only to return several minutes later because she needed me to lower it. To this date, I have never fought so hard not to collapse laughing out loud.

  6. All you have to do is tap the lid once on a hard service and it will come right off. I’ve never had to ask anyone to open a jar for me.
    …Or if you want to be a real petty bitch, throw out the old jars and use his money to buy all new. Of course I think that you should both just stop acting like children and have a real adult conversation… but that’s none of my business.

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