Tired Of Your President? Take a Look At Ireland’s President!

Resembling the kind and cool grandpa that you always wanted, Michael D. Higgins comes off as a really genuine and approachable guy. People are sharing examples of why he is so loved by the Irish people, and I wish that all presidents were so happy and positive.

10 thoughts on “Tired Of Your President? Take a Look At Ireland’s President!”

  1. can we borrow him?

  2. Irish president > US president

  3. Green clovers, yellow moons, orange stars, and pink hearts. Four leaf clovers and little leprechauns with pots of gold at the end of rainbows. Potato famines and an abundance of drunkards. Sounds like a great place. Carry on.

  4. Is he that guy from Outlander that my wife likes? I thought he’d be taller and gayer?

  5. It’s almost as if humility and self-reflection are qualities we should elect for, on whatever side of the aisle.

  6. I think Outlander is set in… Scotland. Not Ireland.

  7. You’re..

  8. Good luck finding that in any politician.

  9. We like our president very much. He’s not just a genuinely good human being, he is a fierce advocate for many people around the world. Simply search YouTube for Michael D Higgins v Michael Graham.

  10. If only he weren’t filling the Ireland with a ton of migrants destined to outnumber its native Irish population by 2050, whereas ours is trying to ensure that we aren’t slaughtered wholesale by a mob of religious zealots.

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