In England They Drive On The Left



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  1. Dat, rattus, anteater, lolsfor. You suck. Go away.

    • :~{

    • What did I ever do to you? P.S. Learn to spell my name.

    • I actually liked Lolsfor. Maybe I’ll change my nickname.

    • What about hein?

    • Dat, rattus, anteater, lolsfor March 8, 2018

      Birdseed. You suck. Go away.

    • That would be decidedly nyet. Not going anywhere.

    • @birdseed

      I don’t live in the UK! You suck, birdseed, and the UK is actually going away from the EU.

    • Why should I go. I am awesome. All this faking is just a sign of admiration and envy.

    • @Dat
      Yup I envy you so much I’ve carved Dat on my privates

  2. In England they drive on the left.
    In Mother Russia the left drive you.

    • What?
      Russia and formerly CCCP stopped being socialist when Stalin took over. From there it was an criminal oligarchy.

  3. Salzigtal March 8, 2018

    Without Russian roads & dash-cams, we never would have got:

  4. Russia is rich country, have paved road. In Latvia we drive on dirt road through potato field.

    • @Latvia
      You lucky… in Ukraine I drive over turnip field… I drive through houses… roads are mined.

      Of course I do have a tank.

    • The Leader March 8, 2018

      Tanks that die on a parade.

  5. Hilda Ogden March 8, 2018

    Russia? Loads of roads in the UK are like that at the moment, the councils will fix them on the cheap, then by this time next year, they’ll be knackered again…

  6. Looks about right for the roads in Wiltshire. B

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