Ultra-Realistic Drawings of Cats

If you showed somebody these drawings and told them that they were accurate representations of cats, they’d probably think you’re crazy. But the truth is that they’re actually ultra-realistic depictions of them. These masterful drawings were created by Heloisa, an artist from Brazil who posts her beautiful artwork on Twitter account called Poorly Drawn Cats.

6 thoughts on “Ultra-Realistic Drawings of Cats”

  1. After years and years of seeing hilarious pictures of cats on the internet, I finally went down to my local rescue centre and got one!
    What a load of bull! It was just an ordinary cat and didn’t do any of the things they do on the internet…just regular cat stuff.
    So I drowned it.

  2. I know I’m evil but your comment made me laugh loud and hearty!

  3. Grrat content. Excellent drawings. A for effort.
    Cats > Dogs > Political discussions on Eatliver

  4. There should be more sheep pics on eatliver, to better engage their alt-left audience.

  5. @McViticus oh you are EVIL!

  6. Sunglasses cat isn’t so bad, the test, hell I could do better and I can’t draw.

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