Stop Downloading Illegal Music!

9 thoughts on “Stop Downloading Illegal Music!”

  1. It should read “stop illegally downloading music”.. unless the music is illegal of course.

  2. That ain’t no muzic. Think any of that stuff will be on the golden oldie stations in 20 years?

  3. Unless you are one of the top artists, you make almost nothing on music sales. That money goes to labels and middlemen. Most artists make the bulk of their money on concerts and merch, which explains the $80 tickets and $40 tshirts.

  4. What is “illegal music” and where can I download it?

  5. I once was listening to Boston Pete oh so many years ago and bought an album, the lady who did the album recorded it in her basement and sent me a home burned dvd and thank you letter for purchasing it.

  6. Illegal music comes from Chinese pirates. You can get it at BitTorrent on the Dark Web, but you have to know the secret password. AKA intellectual theft.

  7. If you listen to a music criticizing Islam in the UK, that would be an illegal music.

  8. That ***hole in the photo ain’t an “artist”…

  9. We all know his money comes from selling crack!

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