World War II Beginning Explained

Poland during September 1939.

19 thoughts on “World War II Beginning Explained”

  1. The political stuff is cool and all but that woman needs help

  2. Crappy Caption, crappier comparison. Next please……..

  3. Muslims vs swedes

  4. Yurps are a scourge.

  5. The woman is texting “We Surrender!”

  6. Muslims are the burning ones if they try something stupid.

  7. USA burning 2018
    Europe, Asia, Australia *no one cares*
    Trump, presidential traitor and coward, just bailed out of the North Korea meeting. Seems he’s afraid of a short, fat asian boy.

  8. I’ve shown what we are made of.

  9. “If”? Now i believe you’re swedish.

  10. Someone call the WAAAAAAAAAAmbulance for T. It’s got Trump stuck on the brain.

  11. I think you’ll find the UK took on the Nazis because they invaded Poland…. while the US stood by and did nothing (again)

  12. Fake is the new real.

  13. “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that”

  14. We were a 2 bit regional power at the time, not interested in Kraut, Limey Frog affairs. Then you FUBAR’d all up and forced us to get involved. Shame really.

  15. Let’s think that through for a moment. The US catches shiite for not getting involved in other countries’ affairs in 1940. The US catches shiite for getting involved in other countries’ affairs in 2018. Am I the only one that sees the dichotomy here??

  16. “You can only lose.” It one of the laws of life.

  17. Why does the French bimbo have a smart phone in 1939?

  18. Britain actually went to War with Germany precisely because Germany invaded Poland. Got a bit of a mix up in that photo

  19. There is a difference between having an opportunity to help a friend and staying uninvolved as long as possible, and rushing in when one sees an advantage to be had. No dichotomy.

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