Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

48 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong”

  1. Isn’t this the cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ ?

  2. The stuff nightmares are made of.

  3. “Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong” When does it even ever go right?

  4. Wow. Just Wow.

  5. Amazing. Just Amazing…

  6. What’s the problem here? They express themselves in a plastic manner. My only concern is if they are still biodegradable.

  7. Serious question: is there any case of a plastic surgery on the lips that doesn’t look atrocious?

  8. Haha there really ugly

  9. Awfully

  10. The real bad news is 1000 years from now future archaeologists will think we all looked like this and all our queens had really big lips!

  11. Is that Mickey Rourke? The one before the last one?

  12. I adore your face, I love to paint you.

  13. Haha there bad grammar

  14. I object to the term “gone wrong” when, as disturbing as it may seem to you, a lot of those people probably wanted to look that way.
    Even Bizzaro World Cher up there…

  15. I was going to ask the same question then I remembered it was originally invented to fix people’s faces when they had a horrific disfiguring accident or something.
    This is just people abusing it.

  16. Plastic surgery to “correct” a cleft lip is common.

  17. I know, some of them still think they look amazingly beautiful.

  18. Amazing when Carrot Top is the best looking person in the bunch

  19. Where’s the pic of Nancy Pelosi?

  20. ^ha

  21. Blondy looks like a chucky doll draw on some scars and she could be his second wife

  22. I do not know where she is, but she’s going to hell if she doesn’t change her ways.

  23. Kill them before they breed!

  24. The sad part, the only one who even looked semi-decent, was Joan Rivers.

  25. It looks like the Kardashians’ family album, with some purposely aged to show what they will look like soon . . .

  26. I weep for the future of mankind.

  27. It ain’t, but it should be.

  28. Why wasn’t Michael Jackson up there? He went through a msjor transformation. Looked nothing like his old self.

  29. What do women want with these horrible lips??? I think it’s disgusting!

  30. To be fair, Jackie Stallone is like, 92 freaking years old… she doesn’t look THAT bad for nearly living a century, imo… and hell, when you’re that old, you can do whatever the hell you want. Also there’s a difference between a botched job that’s the result of a piss-poor doctor and, you know, a Joan Rivers-Janice Dickinson sized addiction to plastic surgery. Either way, plastic surgery is just generally a bad idea unless you honestly need it… but you know how it is: vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

  31. My thoughts exactly.

  32. Gross

  33. True but u gotta admit that the work done on his face is decent compared to what these other ppl r sporting.

  34. That is natural ugly.

  35. Is the blue dress one at the top, Cheech in drag?

  36. 90%, give or take, of the pictures are fake…waste of time

  37. totaly fake

  38. please please people just grow old naturally all beauty is not on the are scaring the children and animals

  39. hory shet

  40. I want it done to my lips! peeps <3 :*

  41. The seventh one up from the bottom is a picture of the guy who was the lead singer for the group Dead or Alive remember them? “You Spin Me Right Round” was their big hit, and also “Find a brand new Lover!” His name is Pete Burns and the before and afters on him are ….UNNNN believeable!!!

  42. some of em look like apes

  43. please don’t insult zombies lol

  44. XD

  45. right on

  46. Big lip Lanas lmao

  47. So sad that people do to themselves…so much damage….body and soul

  48. I knew Carrot Top had started looking ghoulish several years back. I had no idea he went under the knife to achieve that look. He used to be funny. Now he’s just scary looking.

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