Plants Outside vs. Plants At Home


Also don’t forget about the pH of the soil. House plants will die even if it’s slightly off. And the light! Don’t forget about the light! Too much is bad, too little is even worse.

Mmmm, concrete. Cozy. Is this tap water? I'm allergic.


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  1. Still looking March 16, 2023

    Good outdoor weed is difficult to locate in my neighbourhood.

  2. I see what you did there... March 16, 2023

    High testosterone outdoor plants.

    Weak kneed blue hair neck beard cappuccino double latte indoor he/she/them with daddy issues.

    • Conservative plants are destined to go extinct.

    • Conservative Bob the Plant March 16, 2023

      Is this fertilizer? I have an opinion!

    • Conservative Flower March 16, 2023

      I don’t need pesticides against greenflies. I’ll water myself with bleach. … Argh… I’m fine. Greenflies are a garden center hoax anyway.

    • What beliefs make one a conservative as opposed to being a liberal?

    • You can answer that question for yourself. Think about it.

  3. Tap water has chlorine. If you want your indoor plants to thrive, pour some tap water into a pitcher, then let it sit still for ~24 hours, then use it to water your plants.

  4. mr. green jeans March 19, 2023

    millennial perennials… 🪴 😆

  5. My mums so dumb

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