No Need To Worry

Planes do not crash often. Always just once.

12 thoughts on “No Need To Worry”

  1. This is true

  2. Stupid questions deserve sarcastic answers.

  3. Recycled. How about something fresh, like some stupid Joe Biden memes?

  4. You are first. Go on.

  5. Typical Biden derangement syndrome with 1st Anon. Medical aid needed.

  6. Speaky English so people know what you say, okay!

  7. Not exactly.

  8. not everyone has to speak english. only arrogant english speakers speak only one language.

  9. Scheisse essen

  10. Bon appetit.

  11. I guess someone tried to translate an English insult into German and miserably failed. 😂

  12. English is the universal language. It’s spoken every where pretty much. Why do you think that is…? Come on. Tell the truth, you know why.

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