Photographer Throws Pizzas Around; He Calls It Art


Photographer Jonpaul Douglass calls his project “Pizza In The Wild”. He thinks it’s art.


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  1. I wish Jonpaul Douglass could throw a few at Lady Gag Gag so they’d ‘stick. Now, that’s what I would call ‘art’.

  2. Somewhere in Time October 6, 2015

    Art makes me hungry.

  3. Not art, just pictures of pizza in places it shouldn’t be. Pizza belongs in my belly.

  4. Ugh… zero talent, zero ideas… Creates something stupid that the internet will post… Becomes famous for nothing… The cycle continues…

  5. Ret”art”ed.

  6. PatronasKitty7 October 6, 2015

    I bet the tumblr user Pizza would like this

  7. I did that once. This photographer must be really angry man.

  8. art my ****** ****, bloke is a **** head

  9. Idea stolen from Walter White.

  10. the dog on the stump of driftwood at seaside looks like
    George Costanza on the couch posing semi-nude…

  11. Wherre is Pizza Rat?

  12. Waste of pizza.

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