7 lbs Pizza With 4.5 Inches of Topping

28 thoughts on “7 lbs Pizza With 4.5 Inches of Topping”

  1. I bet it tastes like my butt after 4 consecutive nights of heavy drinking.

  2. and disgustingly raw in the middle.

  3. You mean a deepdish? Yea, it’s ok…

  4. This is more of a cheese and bacon and heart attack pie at this stage.

  5. Are you sure its KCal? The K represents a 1000 units of calories. I know its a lot but I dont think everything there was in KCal and should be instead just Calories…

  6. What’s that crap and where’s my MOZZARELLA ???

  7. Hey careful man, some guys called Epic Meal Time stole your idea 3 years ago

  8. I had a heart attack, just looking at that!

  9. “In nutritional contexts, the kilojoule (kJ) is the SI unit of food energy, although the kilocalorie is still in common use. In these contexts, confusingly, the word calorie is very often used for what is actually a kilocalorie of nutritional energy. Sometimes, in an attempt to avoid confusion, it is written Calorie (with a capital “C”) in an attempt to make the distinction, although this is not universal, and is not widely understood.”

  10. Kilo calories are actually what everything is represented in on nutrition labels. They just drop the kilo part.

  11. Never tasted your butt but I’m sur it does

  12. Pie baking-pan and no mozzarella… AND HE STILL DARES TO CALL IT A PIZZA

  13. Mayonnaise? Excuse my puking, but why on earth?

  14. Shrimp? Ruined.

  15. I’m guessing your physique must be highly sought after from the ladies.

  16. i just puke

  17. mayo, shrimp, pineapple, bacon and eggs. this isn’t a pizza, its an abomination.

  18. I like anchovies on my pie. So does Huma.

  19. With all that cheese, he or she who eats…would NOT be able to crap for at least a month, not to mention what the rest of the half raw “stuff” would do to his or her doomed carcass. Some doctor is going to think they just won the lottery.

  20. When I was a kid, “laying a pizza” was slang for puking. At least in this case that seems highly appropriate. It probably even looks the same before and after…

  21. my first thought also

  22. Not pizza. No pepperoni.

  23. Waste of food and no funny

  24. this is not pizza, but it is not anything else to eat, shit !!!

  25. 10/10 Would eat again.

  26. My children’s children’s arteries!

  27. 4/5, I can taste the salami. Also: pizza should include pineapple, no matter what the Italians say…

  28. PineappleS??? Eeeww!!

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