How To Draw a Pig

29 thoughts on “How To Draw a Pig”

  1. Piggisent Trump. Love it.

  2. Crooked Hillary lost. Time to put on some big girl panties and go on with your life.

  3. Haters gonna hate.

  4. Ooh, sorry there, Snowflake. Sounds like the big mean artist micro-agressioned your safe space.

  5. Chief of Haters gonna rule the US.

  6. Not sure how this is hating. There is that tape of him saying how he grabs women in a sexual manner wihout their consent, goes into beauty pageant backstage area to oggle the girls, all the women coming out how they were assaulted by Trump, his poorly veiled sexism (for example the Megan Kelly “bleeding somwhere” comment), his ex wife accusing him of rape.
    The guy is a pig.

  7. suffer leftists , your girl lost, the boy and his transexual girlfriend will be leaving the white house
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  8. That’s a weird picture of Hilary Clinton

  9. Leftists? In the USA? Ha, ha, ha. The rest of the world thinks that you have conservatives and right-conservatives.

  10. Well done Kyle Smith!

  11. What anteater says is true. Your lefties are considered hardline-conservatives here.

  12. Meh you’re confused.Snowflakes and micro-agressed people are the ones crying now.And it’s because of their very existence that the Drumpf got elected.So what your doing is cute but really your butthurt does show a little.

  13. Butthurt! Butthurt everywhere !

  14. Anteater, you’re right.
    In most countries, parties range from far right to far left: If you were to put the democratic and republican parties elsewhere they’d be cataloged as far right and center right (basic health insurance, public education and minimal governmental assistance to the poor are not “communist plots”, just common sense).

  15. Trumpists already started hunting and molesting minorities in the streets of america. Women are next. Better hide yours.

  16. See, the trouble with continuing to push false the idea of the Clintons as the GOPs Emmanuel Goldstein is that at some point the people will catch on to the lies.

  17. Eurabia is committing suicide, we won’t come this time.

    I’m sailing my boat on a river of them!!!
    “Elections have consequences”…LOSERS!

  19. You mean, those George Soros PAID HATERS/RIOTERS?
    I doubt it.
    Leftists never take responsibility for their actions.

  20. Donald says random sexist things that men actually do say. Men of any status or age. Someone was just at the right place and taped it.
    Clinton got oral sex from a secretary.
    Do you people even comprehend the difference? and do you honestly live in a bubble and want to pretend politicians are not like the rest of us? Where this peasant thinking comes from??? You look at politicians as they are some sort of untouchable demigods, you sometimes can complain about, but that’s it.
    They eat, fart, have depressions, shit, piss, **** and duck same way you do. It is not cultural to pretend. It is actually rude to wear a fake mask.
    I am sick of sleazy ******* licing politicians

  21. The problem ist that Trump makes those things seem ok. They are not. On any level. Many men will now think it is ok to treat women like this if such a dude can become president.
    There are still many men who think women want to be raped. For example if they don’t wear a burka. The problem is that this trumpish view of women generatesa similar view in american men. So it might be neccessary for american women to wear a burka in the future if they don’t want to become a rape victim. To explain it in a – hopefully – exaggerated way.
    Words define reality.
    That’s why it was and is not ok for a presidential candidate to say such things in any situation.

  22. >The Good German— many men will now think it’s OK??? Well, if that’s true, we DEFINITELY picked the better candidate. If everyone was as weak minded as you think, then if Hillary became president, many people would think it’s OK to embezzle money, take bribes, commit treason, disclose state secrets and even kill people that get in your way. What kind of moronic idiot are you?

  23. Such a brave commentary from a STRONG social justice Idiot. ..
    We survived 8 years of Obama, You too shall survive Trump. Grow up, All I see is a bunch of petulant, adolescent wanna be punks. . . You do the democratic party justice with your repeated antics. . Just remember the new symbol for the democratic party should be a crying baby. . .
    Get over it. . . Get on with YOUR life. . .

  24. Donald says random sexist things? Yeah, but he also tied right into the anger that Americans had for 8 years of condescension and arrogance from Obama. Instead of trying to bring ANYONE togather, he set on a course of division and hatred. People did not want another milquetoast Like McCain or Romney. . . Perfect gentleman both, and would never say a bad thing about an opponent. . Strategy worked so well against Obama didn’t it? But conservatives felt it was time to return the favor. . . .
    I don’t hate democrats, or Hillary supporters. . . But when the get in my face, its on. . .I have voted since Reagan in 80, and I have never acted as childish as the sore losers are.
    Get on with you life. . .We survived 8 years of Obama, you too shall survive Trump. . .

  25. Really? Based on what? An article on the Daily Kos? Learn a little humility and don’t believe everything you hear. . Hillary, Bernie, Half of Hollywood, Obama, and a thousand other people said trump would never win. . . Wake up call! Your arrogance and willingness to believe your own BS is why progressives are having their ass handed to them as hats. . .
    I think Sahacon, you need to look at the video’s out of Portland. . . Those are not Trump supporters rioting and burning down the city. . Funny, never happened in the 80’s, the 70’s, 60’s, 50’s. . .
    Think tearing up your own cities is going to help?

  26. Really? Give me an example? Enforcing who enters our country? How about allowing a religion that hates American and has sworn to destroy it, into the country? That worked out real well for gay people in Florida. . .
    Or perhaps you have forgotten 9-11?
    Protecting ones self and country is not HATE. . .
    I have no illusions that progressives are going to be friendly. . . The even beat a religion that has as a verse:
    “O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily God guideth not a people unjust. (Al-Ma’dah 5: 51) That amounts to chapter 5 Ayia 51. Look it up. .. As yourselves, who is guilty of terrorism? Its not the japanese, the french, germans, or Americans. . . .

  27. Ah, Liberal tears are so delicious!

  28. If you went out and voted instead of drawing stupid… whatever this retarded shit it, your people might have won something. You were SO busy patting your own backs about how “progressive” you are and how there’s no WAY you could lose…guess what?

  29. LOLLLLLL !!!

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