This Is How They X-Ray Babies

I just found out this is how they x-ray babies and I can't stop laughing...

23 thoughts on “This Is How They X-Ray Babies”

  1. But when i do it it’s child abuse.

  2. I said keep them warm and comfortable first!

  3. Augustus gloop

  4. Welcome to your life. And now to give you a taste of the things to come we will humiliate and ridicule you. You will get plenty of this later. It’s called a job.

  5. Only some hospitals have those pigg-o-stats. Also, parents just won’t hold their kids so this is the alternative.

  6. What kind of medieval baby torture device is this? 🤯

  7. Hahahaha!

  8. I agree!

  9. If this is what is needed to save my child, go for it!

  10. Well baby doesn’t seem to be in pain. Maybe a little curious as to what they are doing to him, but if it works and doesn’t torture the child then I am for it !

  11. It’s not so funny when your baby is getting a chest xray because she’s having seizures

  12. I think it’s very cleverly designed. Hell, after the xray, fill with Mr.Bubble and water. This isn’t anymore confining than that darned snowsuit mom keeps pitting me in.

  13. Seriously they do that ?

  14. Will it blend?

  15. Crasy! People in this world. Insane

  16. Hi

  17. It has nothing to do with whether or not the parents will hold the infant. It’s used because babies and toddlers are incapable of following directions to hold still. In addition, exposing the parents to ionizing radiation (X-rays) needlessly goes against the ALARA principle.

  18. The Pigg-o-Stat allows for proper positioning and restraint during radiographs to minimize the chance of having to repeat the exam. It’s made of smooth platc and doesn’t hurt the child. It’s also easy to clean & disinfect. I have used this devices many times over 20 years without injury to any occupant.

  19. This is true they used this with my little boy when he was a baby. It’s not cruel or crazy! If my child is sick then heck yea do what you have to.

  20. i know it looks funny but it also breaks a momma heart to have to do this with their kids

  21. Thank god, I thought it was in a blender!

  22. 😂🤣

  23. This look weird bc it is weird

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