Pigeons Are Horrible At Making Nests


If you ever feel bad at being lazy or performing horribly at your job, remember that pigeons are shit at making nests. They are so bad, it’s ridiculous. Scroll down and see for yourself!

Pigeon nest fail.

Pigeon nest fail.

Crappy pigeon nest.

Crappy pigeon nest.

Crappy pigeon nest.

Crappy pigeon nest.

Crappy pigeon nest.

Crappy pigeon nest.

Crappy pigeon nest.

Pigeon nest fail.

Pigeon nest fail.


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  1. Joe's Poopy Birdy Dive Bomber April 13, 2022

    There will be no peace until we eliminate this type of prejudicial judgements against inner city birds. You people be racists * you all.

  2. I think it would actually count as specist.

  3. Ha, just like Trump with all his projects. Presidency included.

  4. wtf – a humorous look at pigeon nests and the first thing you guys think of is politics?? Please stop, just stop…

  5. VOICE OF DISCORD.. April 14, 2022

    Hey, who let the voice of reason in here!!

  6. Their good at pooping on dumb leaders of the free world though..

    • Lord Webster April 14, 2022


    • Had my say April 14, 2022

      FFS, here we go again. Their good at pooping, OMG! It’s they’re good at pooping.
      Your community college education is showing how stupid you’re.

    • You are just envious of the people that took the long bus to school.

  7. This is just the aggregate. The cement will be added by the chick after it hatches and the nest will turn to a concrete bowl.

    • Anonymous July 9, 2022

      Some poor chicks that do not make it often become “reinforcement” for said concrete bowl.

  8. Who are you who is so wise in the ways of science?

  9. i call them doves.

  10. The nests look like all the Build Back Better plans. Gonna be Great!

    • No better America with GOP April 15, 2022

      If that plan sucks blame the GOP who Instead of making America great again in cooperation with other Americans they slaughter every plan to build America better. The GOP prefers to sh*t on the constitution, to molest women, to steal tax payer money and to praise Hitler.

    • It’s much better to do things to improve the country than just to obstruct and criticize after being in power and doing nothing for the people.

  11. If you want to eliminate all pigeons, just send them to China. Those
    hungry buggers will eat anything.

  12. Wonder if pigeon eggs taste good in a salad.
    How long should they be boiled, and are they
    difficult to peel?

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