Arguing With Idiots


Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon. It'll just knock over all the pieces, shit on the board, and strut around like it's won anyway.


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  1. Yeah, that why you can’t ague with rightists, racists, mysogynists, nazis, populists, gun-addicts, trumpeteers, religious nutters, conspirarists, climate change deniers, esoterics, omg that list is so much longer… Hein and Kauf Buch. All they can do is poop. On both ends.

    • Word.

    • You can’t be at the same time a socialist, intelligent and honest.Whenever you have two of these, the last one must go.If you are intelligent and honest, you can’t be a socialist.

    • That’s odd, because it has been my experience that you cannot argue with leftists, reverse-racists, feminists, socialists, Constitution haters, obamadeers, atheists, and global warming fanatics, as their only argument is to call names and hurl insults at anyone that does not hold the same opinion that they do. Oh, look…..

  2. I’m Dat, the Dat man

  3. I’m knocking over all the pieces, shitting on the board and strutting around like I won anyway

  4. stanz nister April 7, 2018

    thus nister on his own

  5. stanz nister April 7, 2018

    thus me

  6. It’s importanter.

  7. functionnal autists do exactly that.

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