The Origins of Philosophy

11 thoughts on “The Origins of Philosophy”

  1. Wrong

  2. Probably not, but it sounds feasible.

  3. Having problems with your GF doesn’t always mean she’s the cause. Mysogynistic BS.

  4. sjw detected

  5. It doesn’t say she is wrong, it says she is mad. Interesting way to interpret this. Look who thinks when a girlfriend is mad she is wrong…tsk tsk tsk.

  6. When my woman is mad at me she does not talk. When she does not talk it’s like a vacation. Since the sex was never very good it doesn’t matter what she says when she deems it’s time to say it.

  7. @someone
    You should see my cape, loser.

  8. You all people are joking, but no kidding, socrates said (true!!): get married: if you don’t find happiness, you’ll become a philosopher…

  9. Well, many philosophers and other educated Greeks did like Plato, who preferred young boys to women. And likewise Sappho was a typical example of an educated woman of that time.

  10. Women are evil, especially American women. Take the red pill.

  11. Socrates’ wife, Xantippe, used to come down to the town square and yell at him to get a job. She’d berate him publicly for sitting around all day and talking with his friends – and then justifying it by calling it the Love of Knowledge – while his wife and children were at home, cold and hungry. It’s sort of hard to argue with her point of view. He once mentioned that she as so ugly that the only way he could make love to her was with his eyes closed.
    I think it was Alcibiades who complained in the Symposium that he’d try to seduce Socrates by taking him out in the woods and giving him wine and massages on a warm summer day, but all Socrates ever wanted to do was talk.

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