Adorably Awesome Pet Birthday Parties

7 thoughts on “Adorably Awesome Pet Birthday Parties”

  1. Some of these people are sick. “Round here, all animals are outside animals. Mebby a dog will come in once in a while, and cats never see the inside.

  2. seems only a repost :)

  3. You got a purty mouth, squeal like a pig.

  4. Hey Burt, I thought you swore off pigs. At it again, huh?

  5. Thanks for they ideas for my pups #2 birthday!

  6. hay bubba, you and JB are sum real smart fellers! cats should only be outside animals… do whatever you can to prevent the brain worm infestations! And dogs outside most of the time. who says rednecks aint got inteligents!

  7. super dog birthday so dangerous

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