Cartoon That Offends Nobody


Cartoon that offends nobody.


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  1. Am I the only one who’s offended by how in this cartoon there’s much more white pixels than black pixels? Appalling :(

  2. White? – that’s racist.

  3. Oh snap, NPC March 12, 2019

    Orange man bad!

  4. This cartoon culturally appropriates the color scheme of Inuit landscapes.

  5. Bob Abooey March 13, 2019

    That’s not a cartoon, it’s a painting that sold for $15 million.

  6. Why are other colors and genders not equally represented?

    • Unpleasent physics truths Bob March 13, 2019

      When the spectrum of the rainbow is combined it’s white.

    • That mixing of colors is disgusting. Make America unicolor again.

    • To Unpleasent physics truths Bob,
      My offended feelings don’t care about facts, nor physics. I am literally shaking!

  7. White the white pixels are just there and fully dominant, the black pixels were doing all the work and transmitting the actual message.
    That’s a clear reference to slavery.

  8. I’m blind, how can you expect me to enjoy this cartoon?

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