Cartoon That Offends Nobody


Cartoon that offends nobody.


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  1. Am I the only one who’s offended by how in this cartoon there’s much more white pixels than black pixels? Appalling :(

  2. White? – that’s racist.

  3. Oh snap, NPC March 12, 2019

    Orange man bad!

  4. This cartoon culturally appropriates the color scheme of Inuit landscapes.

  5. Bob Abooey March 13, 2019

    That’s not a cartoon, it’s a painting that sold for $15 million.

  6. Why are other colors and genders not equally represented?

    • Unpleasent physics truths Bob March 13, 2019

      When the spectrum of the rainbow is combined it’s white.

    • That mixing of colors is disgusting. Make America unicolor again.

    • To Unpleasent physics truths Bob,
      My offended feelings don’t care about facts, nor physics. I am literally shaking!

  7. White the white pixels are just there and fully dominant, the black pixels were doing all the work and transmitting the actual message.
    That’s a clear reference to slavery.

    • While the white*

    • It’s the godly order of thing. Even though I’ve never read the bible nor another book. You should buy my book.

  8. I’m blind, how can you expect me to enjoy this cartoon?

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