Amsterdam Is Like Tour de France


Amsterdam is like Tour de France. Just a lot of people on drugs riding bikes.


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  1. True Red White and Blue Bob March 2, 2019

    The EU sucks. Who cares.

    • Visit me and change your mind.
      Or just stay in your 2. world shithole country with chlorine chicken and corn syruped meat.

  2. Anonymous March 3, 2019

    The EU is socialism with hamburgers.

  3. Sweet Jesus, you are all dumb or too young to thing about what mean EU :)))))
    Eu take money for every contry (i believe it’s about country GDP) so my country payed for 2017
    1.5 billion euro , so please tell me why be on EU ?

    Just think if EU is sooooo good, why Switzerland, and Norway is not member, and UK is on Brexit right now ?!?
    Who lead EU?? – the powerest countries Germany and France.
    EU: put my country people to be killed our Cows,Sheep, because they are not “compatible” our fields is not enough bio ….so f…ck EU

  4. I feel have the mood, i will write about socialism too…. :D

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