The Best Parenting Tweets of The Year So Far

7 thoughts on “The Best Parenting Tweets of The Year So Far”

  1. That last one is anteater’s mom.

  2. @Kauf Buch
    I really admire your sense of humor. It’s somewhere between reading safety instructions for a septic tank, and watching Kellyanne Conway in 4K.

  3. TO AiV
    If that’s the best you can do as a kiddie spitball,
    please greet Herr Hitler on your way to hell.

  4. AiV loves anteater

  5. Kauf.. are you a leftie?? Or a rightie?.

  6. @Kauf Buch
    Best I can do?! You pulled a first grader’s “is your mom” line, and then you comment on my comeback?! You are even dumber that I thought…
    And about that hell thing. I’m an atheist, so no worries there. OK? Good.

  7. Atheist? Why limit yourself? Go full agnost dude!

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