If You Ever Feel Sad…

10 thoughts on “If You Ever Feel Sad…”

  1. It could also be said that The earth is 4.5 billion years old and we lived at the time that the earth dodged a Hillary Clinton presidency. Congratulations earth!

  2. It is true. All those years and then this happened… where is an asteroid when you need one.

  3. There has never been a shortage of these a*** in any age of this sad planet.

  4. Same time as what? Browsing the internet, dodging productivity?

  5. Pretty lame. Not even an attempt at being funny or witty.

  6. Cambrian

  7. The God Emperor?
    He brighens my day and motivates me.
    No matter who you are, no matter how you behave – you can become anything with hard work. Trump made me rethink why I am lazy at work. I realized in his youth he was CONSTANTLY working, having meetings and basically living for his business.
    And I too should live for my business.
    What’s the point of meaningless drinking parties, when they ALL ARE THE SAME?
    In 10 years I want to attend my friends drinking party with a fresh Ferrari. Give them a ride. Maybe motivate them to become better men.

  8. Actually, I think you’ll find it was his parents’ already established business that Trump was living for. Hope your Mom and Dad have a well established construction business to hand to YOU if you hope to achieve your dream! You may find it’ll take a little longer than your 10 year target if you’re starting from zero. Having said that, don’t give up on the dream! Your basic premise of unstinting hard work is basically sound.

  9. Yo Punkinhead, ain’t that the way Chelsea Clinton did it? And with absolutely no talent at all.

  10. Yes, yes. We dodged a bullet, and stepped right in front of an RPG.


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