World’s Oldest Cat, 31



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  1. gobsmacked scientist February 3, 2018

    This particular cat with the name of Nutmeg is dead (since September 2017), so FAKE NEWS.

    • SSL McMaster February 3, 2018

      I suspect Landlord reaches into bin of oldies but goodies without paying attention to relevance as site does not throw off as much income as those porn, and hemp growing supply web sites do, which require a little more attention.

    • SSL McMaster knows me too well. Creepy.

    • “Fake News”? Is this a news site now?

    • @Babs – Not fake news, this is a Cat = Troll site.

  2. Excellent information. Thank you.

  3. Kyle Brock, Chief News Anchor February 4, 2018

    And in breaking news here at WORK in Pittsburgh, the worlld’s oldest cat has died.

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