Babies That Look Like Old People



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  1. Frightened March 2, 2015

    Dear Lord, please tell me some of these are photoshopped.

    • Father of three, uncle of fourteen March 3, 2015

      Nope, they come out as they are, no photoshop needed here. Strange as it may seem, as time passes, a vast majority become quite pretty/handsome, even in the eyes of an objective observer.

    • If you were floating around in liquid that comprised mostly of your own urine for months, you’d look like that too, and you did.

  2. Those are some ugly babies!

  3. human babies are disgusting …

  4. LOL, had to share with a friend of mine! She and her son have beautiful big blue eyes, and ripe full lips, now her son is expecting his 3rd child, and they are soooo UGLY as babies!!!! Talk about the “Ugly Ducklings”!!! Just wait! They’ll turn into beautiful swans!!

  5. Paladeacon March 2, 2015

    The first one looks like Winston Churchill, eight down on the left needs a moustache and a caption that reads: “Damn it, Riggs! I’m gettin’ too old for this sh*t!”, and thirteen down on the left is baby Uncle Fester…

  6. HAHAHA! These little guys are funny

  7. Lard Voldemart March 19, 2015

    Black babies age so well

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