Weird, Inappropriate, and Sexist Vintage Ads



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  1. “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere.” You have to pay to do this now.

  2. What does it say in the bottom text on the pears soap ad?

  3. I didn’t know my underwear needed hangers. I’ve been doing it wrong.

    • And the Levy’s rye bread photo shoot went something like this:
      “We need a Jew and you bring me a redskin?”
      “We’ll put a hat on him. No one will know.”

    • I think that’s the point of the sandwich ad, that guy clearly isn’t a Jew, but he’s enjoying Levy’s rye bread all the same.

  4. Here we go again. If you tell a joke about women, it’s “sexist”. Tell a joke about men, it’s “hilarious”.

  5. Madison Ave would sell you a nuclear suppository to curead a hangnail. And the public would buy it

  6. where were the sexist ones?

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