Silly Kids

Kids eating Tide pods don't even realize that cars have secret chocolate fountains.

5 thoughts on “Silly Kids”

  1. Liberals know all about it

  2. Are you even replying to the right post? The right website?

  3. How could he know. He drank too much coco from good, old, American cars with combustion engines. He’s making America great again. Especialy Trump’s wallet.

  4. Left the plug in the drain pan. Ya gotta get the oil INTO the drain pan, ya didpstick.

  5. A couple of years ago I was at a quick oil change place and watched an amazing scene. A millenial couple brought in their vehicle for an oil change. It was a truck based 4wd SUV, 10-12 years old, that they had purchased a year prior. They were bringing it in for it’s FIRST oil change since they purchased it. :0 The service manager told them that the oil was not even touching the dipstick, the transmission was two quarts low, the transfer case was more than a quart low, and the rear differential was all but empty of its fluid. I could see in the manager’s face that he was doing everything he could not to call them stupid f###s.

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