Real Brits



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  1. Flossy McHookerpants December 12, 2016

    Is it true about how British people smell like pickle juice and musty wet carpet?

  2. Dr. Ornithologist December 12, 2016

    which says a hell of a lot about Americans, Roflcopter

  3. Italiano Medio December 13, 2016

    As always the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
    …Just kiddin’ the most authentic picture is definitely the second one !!!

  4. How would a european know what we smelled like, they’re too busy surrendering to smell anything except the crap in their pants!

    • european stranger December 14, 2016

      True. Britain isn’t in Europe anymore. New US state. Putin’s gift to Trump.

  5. The Beatles didn’t smell, did they?
    Maybe just like patchouli and cannabis…

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