Not Much Has Changed

9 thoughts on “Not Much Has Changed”

  1. They also should have an iPhone and a Starbucks cappuccino.

  2. That’s …highly accurate.

  3. Trickle down slavenomics.

  4. I think it should be pointed out if you get a real degree in a scientific, mathematical or engineering school you won’t have this problem. There have been studies that show taking random people and having them to share trading gives roughly similar success as college educated economic/banking majors. So what you are paying for is the correct words to describe what you are doing :)
    Meanwhile there are lots of idiots that want idiot proof tech, designed by engineers and scientists with solid salaries that you could have if you got a real degree.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Awesome!

  6. Absolutely. Because being captured by an invading army and forced into slavery is the same as getting a bad job after getting the best education the world has ever seen.
    Those poor, poor college graduates. If only they had been enslaved by Romans their lives would be so much better.

  7. I don’t think all slaves were “captured by an invading army and forced into slavery” but then again I don’t know why you’re ranting on about “getting a bad job after getting the best education the world has ever seen” either.

  8. Just compare US income distribution in 1970s and now – the top 1% now constitutes almost 20% of all income, compared to less than 10% in the ’60s and ’70s. That’s the CAUSE The academic inflation is the RESULT.

  9. Defund university education. Get a job, get out of your pajamas’s and stop drinking Chi in your slippers and whining. Fund your own education through your pizza delivery job. Community college 2 courses at a time after work.
    Guaranteed no one will take 16th century Saxon Poetry.
    You people disgust me.

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