Crappy Cruise, But Great Buffet

The world's first cruise - Noah's Ark - was a great place for lions. For others... not so much.

18 thoughts on “Crappy Cruise, But Great Buffet”

  1. Donald Trump on a cruise.

  2. Why O why can’t you just let it die?

  3. Who? The lion?

  4. They can’t. It’s all they have. The Left has gone complete authoritarian Nazi and they certainly can’t defend anything their doing so.. Orange Man bad forever I guess. Sadly like everything else the Left does it’s an abysmal failure. Like the Biden Administrations poll numbers. Below 30% now. No one cares anymore about Trump. The Right has lost interest and moved on. Watching the Left commit suicide is not as entertaining as I thought it would be. It’s just sad now. They are literally the only ones talking about Trump.

  5. The Flood crosses many ancient cultures and peoples and while MAGA is a recent occurrence it’s not a Noahdic occurence.

  6. MAGA is a flood of idiots.

  7. The price for freedom is constant vigilance. So, everyone is watchfull of wannabe dictator Trump. Of course his lickspittles want you to look the other way for his next coup.

  8. M’Ballabumba?

  9. Hitlers first coup failed… then everyone looked away.

  10. Then, a few decades later, all of europe bent over and gave itself willingly to Germany, without a shot fired.

  11. Yeah, peace, freedom and prosperity is defeat. All Europeans build this together. Only Americans think me, me, me. You just see these countries going along, prospering, providing freedom, working together, accepting different ways and opinions, celebrating their diversity, thriving in the 21th century… and you in your 3rd world standard flat, without healthcare, without perspective, prisoner of a 2-party dictatorship of conservatives hiding behind two different colors… the envy is eating you up inside.

  12. America is so bad it’s all we talk about! Of course we don’t live there so we don’t really know.. but we can go to jail for criticism of our own countries so all we can do is criticize the US. Makes sense to me. 😂🤣

  13. Funny thing is that probably 90 percent of the asshats on here bitching about it are American trolls.

  14. The American dream is a lie. Americans are unhappy. They lifes are fake. That’s why there are so many psychiatrist, rehabs and life coaches in the US.

  15. And you would know that because you live in the US and personally know all 400+ million people and know they aren’t happy. Madness. I’m from Canada but living here and they are extremely happy people if they don’t live in cities. City people here are very unhappy. How could they not be.

  16. So you know all 83% of Americans that live in urban areas. Sure. You exactly the bigmouth people think you are.

  17. A Canadian trying to be more American than Americans. Hilarious.

  18. All in one buffet in sailing ship, but you are not allowed to eat non of one, cause you are not feeling hungry until the end of journey

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