No Hope, No Cash, and No Jobs…

10 thoughts on “No Hope, No Cash, and No Jobs…”

  1. Even I think this is old. Ancient. From a long lost era. The joke that time forgot…

  2. No beard?

  3. I bet that Kevin is happy now that he is mentioned along with those guys. Must be the only time that will ever happen.

  4. who the hell is that?

  5. Never gets old…

  6. Who is it?

  7. Kevin Bacon.

  8. Bob Hope was in Scared Stiff with Tony Barr, who was in Murder in the First with Kevin Bacon.

  9. Indeed. This joke was found carved on african pyramids and Nazca Lines

  10. The first time I heard this, it was:
    America’s got Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, Johnny Cash and Stevie Wonder.
    England has Maggie Thatcher, no hope, no cash and no bloody wonder!

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