4 Things That People Can’t Choose

10 thoughts on “4 Things That People Can’t Choose”

  1. And the President of the USA, apparently.

  2. 5. when u get prengant

  3. I know right, how did that Obama character even slip in there?

  4. And let’s not forget his gorgeous wife Michelle

  5. “Back in the USSR, you don’t know how lucky you are”
    Written by a 60’s Marxist, just imagine.

  6. Well, in fact you can change your appearance. I don’t look as I did 40 years ago. Back then there was more hair and less belly.

  7. Can you guys find some other place to discuss politics?

  8. Hi Zelda, did you have a good time at the beach?

  9. You are right, Zelda. The US people vote for nothing. It’s just to keep the masses happy. Because the electors do the real vote. And as we see at the current presidency the electors can give a shit about the people and vote the other guy because he pays more.

  10. Ha-ha-ha, lol
    Russians like Putin and choose him for next and next and next…

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