Ninja Cats



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  1. Cats are evil. They’re just stalking you as a prey. Proof: Get a dog instead.

  2. There’s never been a case of a cat killing a child. Sadly, it’s all too common to read about yet another toddler savaged by a dog. :(

    • Dogs and cats murder the same way they poo: one leaves a big stinking mess, one is smart enough to hide the evidence.

    • there have been many instances of cats killing babies.
      cats will curl around a babies throat while the baby is sleeping.

    • J: Wow, seriously?!? That old wive’s tale was debunked decades ago…

  3. No, J. Cats do not suffocate humans.
    They use poisons. “Accidents.” And when they have to, steel. Cold, sharp steel.

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