Ninja Cats

7 thoughts on “Ninja Cats”

  1. Cats are evil. They’re just stalking you as a prey. Proof: Get a dog instead.

  2. There’s never been a case of a cat killing a child. Sadly, it’s all too common to read about yet another toddler savaged by a dog. :(

  3. Dogs and cats murder the same way they poo: one leaves a big stinking mess, one is smart enough to hide the evidence.

  4. there have been many instances of cats killing babies.
    cats will curl around a babies throat while the baby is sleeping.

  5. J: Wow, seriously?!? That old wive’s tale was debunked decades ago…

  6. No, J. Cats do not suffocate humans.
    They use poisons. “Accidents.” And when they have to, steel. Cold, sharp steel.

  7. Last pic is priceless.

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