Most Disgusting Home Offices Ever


It’s hard to believe some people choose to live in such mess…


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  1. Dick Richie July 24, 2014

    Was that a Game Cube in the 6th to last pic?

  2. Sad that humans would choose to live like this….no pride. PIGS

    • It’s absolutely disgusting eh? A dirty home sure says a lot on the owner’s personality… SLOB!

  3. Think about this . . . July 24, 2014

    Next time you are chatting with some girl online, odds are pretty good she is the guy in one of these “offices” . . .

  4. I dont think some have a choice but to live like this. Cuz of goverment cuts the garbage collection are becoming less frequent.

  5. Some of those aren’t actually “homes”…

    • Mr Platitude July 25, 2014

      Home is where the heart is. You can’t go home again. Pull up a chair and make yourself homely.

  6. some hardcore basement dwellers there, also King of Internet in one pic

    • And here I was thinking that the basement thing was just another tale of internet lore. Apparently I was wrong.

  7. P.G Wodehouse July 24, 2014

    A glimpse of top of the line computing after world war 3.

    • Reginald Jeeves July 27, 2014

      Such an idea induces a most peculiar unsettling in my stomach, sir.

    • Bertie Wooster July 27, 2014

      Could be useful: Florence Craye, Madeline Bassett and the Aunts would never think to look for me here.

  8. some of these are pre-internet

  9. No one would ever find my place like that. I NEVER go into the internet or associate with computers. All my co-respondence is done by snail mail. This letter was sent through the USPS on August 15th 1998.

  10. Homeless flops and hoarder homes.
    The mentally ill try and create order when in chaos and create disorder when in an ordered environment.

  11. Mancaves, not homme offices!

  12. the YELLOW WATER bottles… is no waterrrr…

  13. Imagine taking a swab and wiping it on the table, sending the swab to a pathogen lab, and get the startling results of the billions of pathogens living in these “offices”.

  14. Curious Bob July 26, 2014

    Finally! We get to see the Eatliver office complex.

  15. the one with “rave sux” written on the wall is neat but poorly decorated

  16. Deargod... July 26, 2014

    So many monitors with 4chan on them…

  17. Perk Cartel July 27, 2014

    I thought Diego Garcia wasn’t accessible to the media.

  18. Anonymous July 30, 2014

    That sure looks like it says ‘rape sux’… terrifying

  19. Salzigtal July 30, 2014

    No Macs, hmm I sense a pattern.

  20. Some of the “home offices” weren’t dirty, just poor and decrepit. But you can tell who tries to do the best they can with what they’ve gotThe filthy ones, though… the people responsible for those could be living in a mansion and trash it, no qualms. wth is wrong with people. :p

  21. That photo of Mr. Iwata on picture 15 is pretty disturbing, but nice decoration.

  22. I will die if I have to live like that eeeeeu!!!

  23. Oh… my… god… I am screaming inside.

  24. This reminds me of that show “Hoarders.” It’s equal parts fascinating and terrifying.

  25. Really playing it fast and loose with the word “office” aren’t we?

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